Ahleah H. Minnesota

Lack of specialized training for the school security guards

Security guards in the public school system are lacking the training they need to better protect and treat the students.

Dear Future President,

Most to all schools have some type of security like security guards, but that doesn't make them safe. The people schools want for protection may sometimes cause the problem or show lack in helping it. Security guards in schools need more specialized training for working in public schools because there is a lack of security, many student-security physical altercations, and a rise of intruders.

Based on the school there will be a range of the amount of security guards available for assistance. Some schools use mostly security cameras to monitor most of the school. Sixty to ninety percent of all public schools use more cameras for protection than guards (A-Z, By Subject Index. “Fast Facts.” Fast Facts. N.p., n.d. Web.30 Oct. 2016) . This seems concerning because school districts have said more protection for schools has been given based on past incidents. This proves not to be true for all even though they say their first priority is to keep the students safe.

All schools might not think completely the same on the safety priority. Security measures may not be the same due to one fact that 90 percent of high schools report more violent incidents compared to only 53 percent of elementary schools that report violence incidents (Washigtonpost.com) . These statistics only relate to student and student altercations, but violence occurs with other people protecting the school system. Last year there was an issue in South Carolina where a 16-year-old student did not follow directions to put her phone away. A police officer was then assigned to the classroom and physically dragged the girl on the floor first tilting her over on the floor from her desk (nytimes.com). The police district responds by saying they never had any formal training for those situations.

These dangers may not always start inside schools, but end in schools with horrible consequences. Intruders make this situation even worse for everyone. Almost every year there are intruder incidents ending in scary events. Since a lack of security is visible in an Alabama middle school the principal has ordered students to collect full canned foods for every classroom as a defense against any intruders (nytimes.com) . Knowing schools are going to have to use their own defense mechanism and can't rely on school security measures to keep them safe should be disappointing to most.

In conclusion, schools have and still will have plenty of violent scaring moments for all students every year as a repeating cycle. Security and students might continue to erupt in the news with a new status on the most recent altercations. Plus the risk of intruders might distraught more students with the lack security. This cycle can change throughout the years if security guards had more specialized training.


Ahleah Harris

10th grade

Central High School

Saint Paul, MN