Andres O. Minnesota

College Tuition

College Tuition should I think be lowered.

Dear future President, I think we should lower college tuition. It would make a lot of people happy. Mainly because if it was lowered a lot more people want to attend it and want a better future and life for themselves but can’t because how much it increased over the years so now it cost more than it used to be so not everyone can afford it so we should stop the college tuition from increasing before it gets too high for the future kids that want to go get an education.

If tuition continues to increase, students would be more discouraged to go on to college because how much it is because they are too worried about not having enough money for their education. Even people with grants and other kinds of scholarships, students still will have a lot to pay for so they won’t be able to attend the college they want even though they are smart. About 59% of students who begin college as freshman at a four-year college receive their diploma within six years, and students who come from low-income backgrounds are even less likely to graduate if they even begin at all. If gas prices had risen as quickly as public college tuition, we'd be paying $3.51. A public college tuition from 1976 was about 4 times less than what it is now and a private school then was about 3 times less that means that by 2030, the annual public tuition will be $44,047 and the total cost for a four-year degree will be more than$205,000 which would be bad for our kids when we get older. 

Henry Sibley High School


Ms. Starkson's American Lit class, hours 6 & 7

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