steven Minnesota

Letter to President

Military Spending

Dear next President

I wanted to make this letter so that you should spend less money on our military. We should mostly focus on health care so that people do not have to worry that the bill is to expensive for them, Also there is many people that are out there who can't even afford health care or just even going to the doctors for appointments. We also don't need to spend 598.49 billion dollars on our military, why? because we don't feel safe with all these weapons around us. There are so many people out there who can buy a gun like if it was groceries.

We need to focus on the important things like the people there are so many homeless people that are out there in the cold and alone with no help. We also need to spend more on our environment, the next generation of kids shouldn't be living in polluted areas or breathe in smog from the air living in america it should be clean and healthy.

The United States of America spends half of their money on the government that's a lot just for our military. We need more money spent on education so that high school graduates who can't afford to get into college don't force themselves to go into the military. We should spend more on education so graduates can have a better future and be successful in life and have no worries about student loans. Also college should be less expensive so when the students graduate in the future they don't have to worry about student loans and being in debt.

Sincerely Steven Regalado