Kalli M. Arkansas

Keystone Pipeline

The Keystone Pipeline

Dear Future President, 

As you may know, there is a pipeline that is about 2,000 miles long from Canada through Texas. There hasn't been a president to pass the project. Passing the pipeline will offer so many jobs to experienced pipeline. My dad is an inspector for pipe lining and he has been off and on in jobs and travelling. He is currently working in North Carolina. But I live in Arkansas and I would like my dad to work closer to home. If you pass the project my dad will get the chance to work closer to home. My grandfather is also a pipe liner and he hasn't had a job in months. This project will finally get him working again to support his family. 

There are so many pros to passing the Keystone Pipeline. Passing it will give over 20,000 United States manufacturing and construction jobs. It is also a safer way to ship crude oil sands. The main environmental argument against TransCanada's Keystone XL is that the pipeline would spur rising oil sands production. But the State Department’s findings showed that higher production from the region is coming — whether or not the Keystone XL is built. Ultimately, that crude oil would be delivered via railway if the TransCanada's pipeline isn’t built. With some high profile crude-by-rail accidents occurring lately, the Keystone XL might actually be the safer alternative for the oil sands. 

The pipeline will give immediate cash flows. Pipelines are great for one thing — steady and stable cash flows. After all, it’s the volume of oil, not the price that matters to the pipeline owner. The approval of the Keystone XL would be great for TransCanada stock cash flows and its dividend — especially considering the long, drawn-out approval process has actually been a big “win” for TransCanada shares. There would also be a $5.2 billion tax revenue in Keystone corridor states over 20 years. Thank you for taking the time to read this. I really appreciate it. 


                                                                                                                        Kalli Miller 

Searcy High School

Ms. Simpson's PAP American History Class

Searcy High School Searcy, AR

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