Hailey P. Arkansas

College Tuition

The cost for out of state college tuition and in state college tuition is to expensive.

       Dear next president,        

Every year the cost of college goes up and teenagers decide not to go to college because the cost of college is to expensive.

The colleges cost are so expensive these days. You can spend up to over 84,254 dollars for a four year college  today.  The cost for college is way to high. Tuitions need to be lower so everybody can go to college.  

If you want your child or children to go to a private school it is 189,305 dollars. Private colleges are more expensive that a public college. If you make your child go to college than let them go to a public college because private colleges are way more expensive.

In conclusion, Mr. and Mrs. president can you please lower the cost of college tuition for everybody around the US. The US needs lower college tuitions.

Dewitt Middle School

ICT 8th grade

8th grade ICT class at Dewitt Middle School

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