nicole Arkansas

pets at foster care/ group home

group homes should have pets, because it calms the kids down that live there. the teens and kids need a pet friend.

Group homes should have pets like a hamster,guinea pig,or gecko. i think every one should have at least one pet friend. in group homes or foster cares because when you leave your family you have no one with you and you miss your family, so they get sad or mad and get depressed and feel like cutting them self, running away, and suicide. when you get in group homes it doesn't feel like home you need a friend that is a pet to be with and be there with you; pets help calm people down. Pets help me calm me down.... i don't have a pet because i live in a group home now and some times i feel like running away. Being out side don't help calm people down sometimes. Pets help people. 

Dewitt Middle School

ICT 8th grade

8th grade ICT class at Dewitt Middle School

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