Amy N. California

The Dakota Access Pipeline

The Dakota access pipeline is a perfect example of how corporate greed is placed above the concerns of people and the environment.

The Dakota Access Pipeline is a topic of controversy and as many people come forward to align with the Standing Rock Sioux tribe, the question many Americans have for you as our future leader is where do you stand on this matter? Do you stand with corporate greed or do you stand with the indigenous people? Many view the pipeline as an opportunity that will bring economic prosperity by decreasing dependency on foreign oil and creating more local jobs near the pipeline. However, the potential disaster of having the pipeline far outweigh the economic benefits. The water at Lake Oahe faces a large chance of having an oil spill if the use of the pipeline is decided to remain intact. The water is used by the Sioux people and by contaminating the water, the tribe will no longer have a nearby water source. This land is also sacred to the indigenous people and by refusing to respect their wishes when it demonstrates that we are still treating them unfairly. This abuse and unfair treatment towards the indigenous people has happened decades and decades ago and this situation proves that we as a nation have not improved in treating the indigenous people better. As the future president of America, the decision you make will represent the beginning of your legacy as our leader. Please make the right decisive decision and prevent the problems that will occur with the continuation of the building and future usage of the Dakota access pipeline. Thank you for your time.


Amy N.