Lucero C. Arkansas

College Debt

The increasing college debt is becoming more and more stressful for students

Dear Mr. / Mrs. Future President:

Every year, there is an increase of students who enroll in a college, and as the enrollment rate keeps growing, so does the college tuition rate. For students, this means a growing college debt. There are some programs that help students with debt, but that is not enough. Many Americans that graduate, often find themselves with an average debt of 29,000 dollars (Project On Student Debt). If the issue for growing college debt is not addressed, then the result could be disastrous.

Throughout the years, the debt has increased dramatically. From 2004 to 2014, the debt rose fifty-six percent (Fortune). Nationwide, the debt for student loans has reached 1.3 trillion dollars (Student Loan Hero). According to a study conducted by Citizens Financial Group, the results showed that, for a bachelor's degree, it took twenty-one years to pay off the debt, instead of the expected ten years (Student Loan Expectations: Myth vs Reality). These results make some students decide not to even go to college. Programs have been created to help with this problem, but there are not enough. Some people say that the solution is free tuition college, but I disagree because it would damage the economy. I propose that colleges lower their tuition fees and create more programs that help with student debt. 

In conclusion, college debt is becoming a huge problem. There is way too much debt and very little is being done to come up with a solution. If more ways were created to help pay for the debts, then more and more students would pay off their debt; this would increase the number of people with a college education and would help America's economy.


Lucero Chena

Searcy High School

Ms. Simpson's PAP American History Class

Searcy High School Searcy, AR

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