Elden Michigan


poverty should be ended

Dear future president

I would like to tell you about the serious problem of poverty. I am a 9th grade student in saline high school and i am technically in poverty but i am not alone, millions of people are in poverty right now in the us alone. there are about 45 million people in poverty which is about 14.5 percent of people. Some of the biggest city's in Michigan like Detroit are up to an astounding 40 percent poverty rate with grand rapids and Ann arbor are around 25 percent in poverty.

Poverty is a major problem in our society because not only do people go hungry or not know if they get to eat tonight but they even sometimes get bullied in school for the clothes they have. Some people just have to live with being below the poverty line. My proposed solution is to potentially increase benefits for people in poverty whether it be free healthcare, cheaper apartments maybe specifically built for people in poverty. 

And that is why poverty should be taken more seriously and there are a couple options to maybe help with the problem of homeless people and people in poverty. Thank you for listening

Sincerely Elden