Vanessa Georgia


Poverty is serious issue that doesn't affect all of us, but it affects our Nation.

              Poverty is a serious issue in this country that needs to be addressed. In 2009, 13.2% (39.8 million) Americans lived in poverty. This should be a big concern because if affects children, seniors, and adults. Everyday more people are suffering from this issue, and it is our job as a civilized society and nation to be responsible for helping solve this issue and help them become functional members of this country.

               Poverty is seen as a problem with not enough money, while this statement is true, it's the value of money that makes it so difficult to making a living in America. The cost of living (rent, food, gas, clothes, etc.) is the reason as to why nobody can afford to live here. To give the people the money they deserve, we have to decrease the cost of living so people could be able to afford more things. People like to think that by raising the minimum wage it will help out the poor, which it will help them afford more things. In reality, raising the will increase prices. For example, in the fast food industry, the current minimum wage is $7.25, if the minimum increases to $15 then the fast food prices would increase 4%. Even though 4% isn't much, it will show that by raising wages will cause for prices to rise to maintain profits, especially in family business.

              To make a change there will need to be more job creation which could be a solution to solve the problem of poverty. In 2014, the unemployment rate was 6.2%. It should be one of the main concerns to create jobs. This means that as a growing nation we need to start upgrading our roads, bridges, sewage, energy production which could create millions of jobs. Also something that could be considered could be to lower the cost of living so it could be easier to make a living while earning the wage that people deserve. This matters because it could change how the rate of poverty stands now and it could be lowered to change the future for the better.

In conclusion, poverty is something we don't all encounter but it affects more people than it should be. In order to becoming a better nation, this problem needs to be solved for the better.

              Sincerely, Vanessa L.