kelly California


Many people today in the United states are living in poverty and something should be done about this matter.

Dear Future President,
There should be support towards people living in poverty. This has been a problem in america since the beginning of time. Americans in this kind of situation cannot provide for their family and worry every day if they can at least put food on the table. Nobody should be living in this kind of situation because America is about a place of opportunity and happiness. It is not just America  that has this problem, also else where like the Philippines face this problem as well.

At the moment, 1 in 5 children in America (21.8%) are living under the official poverty line. That is quite a large population of children without a home, food, and health care. They should be given a life in America that welcomes them and gives them opportunities to be a person that can make a difference in the future. Also about 1.5 million veterans since 2015 are at a poverty state in America. These soldiers that serve for America end up being poor out in the streets asking for money. They should be served with respect and support after risking their lives to serve the nation. It is quite sad how many people come home to nothing but worries about their problems about money and life. 

It is not a happy view of seeing someone in the streets with nothing in their hands. So what has America done or thought of to decrease the numbers? One article suggested about transparency in Government spending of money. It can help reduce corruption and regulate money better. Others have thought of raising wages or creating jobs for these kind of people to work in so they would have a job to do and could increase skillfully. Although many people over look this problem in America, it is also happening in other parts of the world and this is something that should be taken into consideration.