Johanna J. Michigan


Abortion should be illegal

Dear Future President,

In the year 2015, there was about 1 million abortions. 1 million lives were terminated because someone didn't think that they could care for a child. Many of these lives could have been saved, because most of the time, the mother is capable of caring for a child, and even if she isn't, there are other options such a adoption. 

There are approximately 7.9 million women in the U.S. who are unable to have children. It is predicted that around 6 million of these women still want to have children. One way they can is by adoption. If abortions are illegal, than there will be more children up for adoption, giving more couples an opportunity to have a family. Another good side of having more babies up for adoption is that adoption fees could become more affordable, so more families could afford what would usually be a very expensive process.

Many women that think they need an abortion because they don't think they would be able to care for a baby, should think twice about that. There could be a lot of people in your life that could be very helpful along the way, especially if you do not have a husband or boyfriend to help you. If your parents are against the pregnancy and refuse to help, you can ask for help from places like planned parenthood, your church, you could also start working at a nursery that you could have your child go to, and there are many other options. 

Even though I think that most abortions should be illegal, I also think that some should be allowed for certain situations. Some examples of these are if your family has an extreme history of cancer, or some other sort of disease that you would hate to pass onto a child, I think you should be able to abort that pregnancy. I also think that you should be allowed to terminate if you have a disease that makes you body weak, or unable to hold a stable pregnancy. If your pregnancy is going to put yourself or your child at risk, you should have the choice to terminate the pregnancy.

Every child deserves a fair shot at life. Each year, 1 million children do not get a chance to live, when most of the time they could have had a great life, weather they were adopted by a new family, or raised by their birthparents. Some pregnancies should have the option to be aborted, under certain circumstances, but when the reason for them is an easy or obvious fix, then I think that it should be illegal to terminate it. 


Johanna Jorgenson