Cindy P. Alaska


The dangers of alcohol abuse

Dear President,

Alcohol is a really dangerous drug. Alcohol can let people think of or commit suicide. It makes people lose their mind, and they wouldn’t be themselves. When people commit suicide they may have kids or their parents/grandparents will miss them, and they wouldn’t be able to raise their children, watch them graduate, see their grandkids, or raise their children how they want to raise them, and their child may miss their parent, sister, brother, auntie, uncle, cousin, friend or even best friend.

Also alcohol can let Official of Child Services (OCS) take their kids away when they drink too much. Offices of Child Services (OCS) separate kids from their parents, and kids sure will miss their mother, father, older sister or brother, younger sister or brother, or even both.

Children under the age to drink alcohol drink, and they are learning from their parents or aunties, and uncles.

Being intoxicated while driving can let people crash their vehicles because their vision, and body control is not good, and it sure can be a bad accident. They can end up in the hospital with serious injuries.

Sincerely Cindy