gabriel Alaska


pebble mine

Dear Future President

Hello my name is Gabriel Dancer and I’m from Dillingham, AK and I want to stop pebble mine because it is destroying the beautiful land and threatens one of worlds last great salmon population. Destroying the world's most valuable salmon habitat one that allows us to harvest 50% of the salmon every year( the chemicals they are using they will kill the salmon and poison other animals and destroy the land of the last great frontier of Alaska. Subsistence way of life is important to us we need the animals and salmon to live off and without that we will have nothing to feed our families and our love ones that can’t hunt or fish for themselves. Pebble mine need to be stop because the chemicals they are using threatens the subsistence life style.

Pebble Mine say they are using healthy chemicals for the environment and data shows that they are not using those chemicals and they have ponds of chemical and toxin water. With that could go into the ocean and spread and kill the salmon and poison all the animals. Alaska would be damage for a long time without the salmon and animals and the lands that would be destroyed and Alaska would not be the same because of the mine they are doing know.(

Pebble Mine should be move somewhere else instead of Alaska because we need to try save the salmon and with the raid of the salmon and its sells it should help the U.S in debt. With that we could still fish here in Alaska without thinking about pebble mine and the chemicals and toxins that would kill all the salmon.

Pebble mine could poison all the animals and with that we would not harvest animals because they could be poison and we would get sick if we eat the meat of them with the chemicals and toxins we ourselves would probably get the poison in our body and we could get sick or die from the toxin or chemical meat that we harvest of the animal that we cot.

I would consider the facts and encourage that if we could stop pebble mine we would save Alaska and the salmon and animals and the land that they would of destroyed. If we don’t stop them now if would be dangers in the future generations that would have to face this problem for themselves.

Thank you

Gabriel D