Justin D. Alaska

Stop Illegal Immigration

Illegal immigration is a problem the U.S is dealing with, and we need to put a stop to it.

Dear Future President,

We need to put a stop to illegal immigration. Illegal immigration is a major problem and a major controversy in the US. I believe that every non-citizen should have a chance to become a legal citizen, but they must take an oath and or test in order to legally become a citizen. The U.S. should start paying much more attention to this problem. Throughout this letter I will be giving you reasons and beliefs on why you should start taking action toward this problem.

As of 2014 there are about 11,300,000 immigrants in the United States illegally, that is 3.5% of the entire US population! The year 2007 was a peak for illegal immigrants coming into the US, mainly coming from Mexico. States with the most undocumented immigrants are California, Texas, Arizona, and Florida.2.5 million illegal immigrants have been deported under Obama’s government, but that is still not enough.



The U.S complains about losing jobs and how hard it is finding jobs for Americans, and illegal immigrants that are coming into the U.S are not helping the problem. I also think that illegal immigrants should not be able to work or get a job in the United States until they become legal citizens. A way we can help the problem is that we can send a letter to every non-citizen or “illegal” and make them take a test, if they do not pass they must go back to their country. If the non-citizen has a child, they should be allowed to stay in the U.S and be considered a citizen. If their child is born in the United States and is born a legal citizen, then the parent should also become a citizen. It would not be right if a parent was forced to be sent back while their child is without his parent in the U.S.


A wall would help illegal immigration to a point, but we should also change the process in order to become a citizen. I also believe that tighter security and more border patrol would help and decrease the amount of illegal immigration.

Immigration is what America is built on, but when a non-citizen does not have permission to live in the U.S it is not right. When immigrants came to the U.S through Ellis Island, they had to be inspected and examined. They were searched for sicknesses and diseases, if they were clear of sicknesses they were allowed to come into the country. Please put an end to illegal immigration, stop this major problem in the United States. I hope my opinions and evidence convince you to stop illegal immigration, you should consider this. Stopping this problem would help Americans find jobs and could possibly help our economy.

Thank you,