Diana E. Alaska

School Lunches

In Alaska, schools have a much harder time getting fresh food for lunches.

Dear Future President,

I am writing this letter to you about our school breakfast and lunch. I live in a remote village in Alaska, and I think we need to have a change in our school for our food. The school breakfast and lunch isn’t good. We always have the same food every week. Sometimes the food isn’t cooked well. An example would be brown rice. It is always hard.

Also the food doesn’t look so good sometimes, and it makes the students not want to eat. If we had more colorful food, students would want to eat more.

I think we need more variety in our food and fresh fruit. I see that other schools get to have a full meal with fresh fruits and vegetables. It isn’t fair to us to have lunch that doesn’t make us full. It would be so nice if we got to have other breakfast and lunch like what other schools have. Even after lunch some students are always hungry. I also think that we don’t get much food. I understand that we are in the village it is hard to get fresh fruit or a good meal.

Rural Alaska needs more funding to get more food like fresh vegetables and fruits. In other states compared to Alaska is cheaper. Everything is expensive in Alaska it is hard to get fresh food.

I think we should get the same variety and same prices as everyone does. It would help with our school lunches, nutrients, and learning to keep us motivated to do our work.