Chloe P. Texas

Drug abuse in teens

This letter includes information about how prescription pill abuse can lead to teenagers to drugs like heroin


Dear Future President:

My name is Chloe P and, I am a freshman  in Keller, Texas. I would like to bring attention to a very concerning issue, prescription pill abuse and heroin use in teens. I feel this has not been talked about enough in this election. I’m very passionate about this issue because , heroin and prescription pill abuse in teens ruins the lives of many young and innocent teens and is always overlooked around election time.

Heroin may only be a mix of many chemicals but, it is still a deadly drug that can be led to by the abuse of prescription pain medications. These drugs are used on a daily basis and has just started making its way to the new generation. Some might say that teens should be taught by their parents and guardians not to do drugs but, what if the parent or legal guardian of that teen is on drugs or simply does not care what the child does. Well that’s why i think that the school should take a small amount of time of the regularly scheduled learning to teach them that drugs are really not cool. Drug abuse has no boundries of who it will affect or where it will affect them. More and more teens each year are learning the hard way about the bad side of drugs.

Secondly many times during the election season teens and drug use are rarely talked about because they are considered taboo and not talked about. “Prescription pills are given to us by our doctors and medicator so what’s they could do you?”, You might ask yourself but, pills should only be used for as long as they are prescribed. Some of the repercussions of using them after words could lead to you or someone you love to getting addicted and 90% of the time that addiction will lead to trying to find a cheaper high which is when most will move to things like heroin. Some may say that things like international affairs are more important but, my counter argument to that is shouldn’t we make sure most people in our homeland are safe before anyone else? Considering that our teens are our next generations of adults and if you really want to make things like the economy better we should stop people as young as we can from getting addicted to drugs.

The main points I would like you to realize are that things like prescription pills can lead to other drug abuse and ruin young teens live. Secondly that issues involving the youth of America are constantly overlooked. This taking of innocent lives will never stop if we keep over seeing it and overriding it. Drugs will always exist but, if teach out youth how bad they are for you and the life of pain that they will have to live if they do them then we will be in for a better america.


Chloe P

Central High School

English I Pre-AP

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