Annaliesse E. California

Drugs = Problems

I chose this problem because most family members are doing drugs or you know another family member that does or uses drugs. This can not only effect the person but, it could effect people around them.

                                                                                                                                  October 27,2016

Dear Future President ,

I strongly believe, it’s important to talk about the drug abuse issue because of all the causes and effects to a person’s body. In my mind set, I think the future president should talk about the drug abuse issue because,”About 570,000 people die annually in the U.S due to drug use” (NIDA for Teens). This will not just effect’s them-self but their family or young teens that are adults, that have kids “73 percent report the number one reason for using drugs is to cope school pressure, Yet only seven percent of parents believe teens might do drugs to deal with stress” (National Research)

Changes we can make so that the population of drug use goes down are, showing support on how to help people with their issues or help make problems decrease. During my research i’ve found you can get many diseases through smoking drugs, some of the common disease are lung cancer, COP, stroke, and asthma. I think the future president can help solve this issue by granting money to make more websites or programs that could help people to quit their addiction. That will not only help them but if that person might have kids it can brighten their kids’ future.

I think that if the future president does not help fixes this problem the world will continue doing the same behavior and keep going down this path and not want to change their problems. This can make a difference to not just me, but to them wanting to change. The future president can help to fix this problem by having jobs do drug tests and if they don’t pass instead of judging them and reporting then you can give them options on to give them help. Thank you for your time future president.


 Annaliesse Erlich  

Health Science Middle School

Health Sciences Middle School

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