Dillon C. Alaska

Gun control

Gun control is a good thing but you have to draw the line somewhere.

Dear future president

I think that gun control is necessary but you need to draw the line somewhere. I am a teenager in Dillingham, Alaska and I use a guns responsibly to hunt animals every year.

Guns are necessary for some people but should be banned for others. For example, people who are on the no fly list should not be able to purchase a gun because if you are on the no fly list you are a suspected terrorist. Every American that is not on the no fly list or should be able to carry a gun for protection, and hunting.

My first reason for thinking that guns are necessary is for hunting. According to a survey done in 2011, 13.7 million people went hunting spending an average of 21 days out pursuing game.( Some of them hunt subsistence as a way of life. In Alaska 105,000 people went hunting subsistence for food. If guns were banned then they would lose their main source of food. My family and I go moose hunting every year. We depend on that hunt for food for the rest of the year. If guns got restricted then we would not have that source of food.

Another reason guns are a good thing is for protection. 11.1 million Americans have concealed carry permits is the states that require it. Some states are free to conceal carry without a permit. If there were a situation where someone was trying to attack somebody they would be able to protect themselves better with a firearm. Without guns those people would not be able to protect themselves as well and would not be as safe.

The reason I think that some people should be banned from owning firearms is because if they are used wrong they can be very deadly and dangerous. People on the no fly list should not be able to own or purchase a gun is because people get put on the no fly list when they are a suspected threat or a known threat. For example the Orlando shooter was on the no fly list. After he got taken off he bought a 223 caliber AR style rifle and a 9MM handgun. He took them to a gay club and shot about 40 people. That is why if someone can not fly because the Terrorist Screening Center recognized them as a potential terrorist then it would be very dangerous for them to have access to a gun. If he he had been banned from buying firearms then there is a chance that he would have not been able to commit a massacre like he did.

In conclusion, gun control is necessary but you need to draw the line somewhere. I encourage you to read this letter and consider the information in it when making gun control laws.