Tre'von Virginia

After School For All Alliance

Dear Next President ,

My name is Tre’von Jones and I live in Newport News , VA. I am a freshman at Warwick High School.  In the sixth grade I started the KSE basketball camp while my mom was at work. At such a young age I didn’t want to be home alone for many hours.   I don’t think any child wants to.   My after school program taught me to do well in school and home. It helped me do well during school because if I didn’t get good grades I would have to sit on the bench and watch the kids play. That taught me to respect my mom because if I didn’t I would be running up and down the court doing suicides. A great opportunity I had was to make new friends. The friends I made weren’t even my teammates.   They respected my game and I respected theirs. Another great opportunity I had at my after school program was to bring my family together. My mom, sister and I all had  busy days from 9-5,  but once game day came around at six o’clock we all got together and watched the teams before my game and sometimes after I played. I know there’s a lot of working families out there in the United States.   By having an after school program available for every child, parents would know their kids are safe and doing good things.  The program could be an athletic program about any sport or even an after school program about academics or maybe even both would be great.

Thank you ,