Jalen K. Virginia

Advocating For After School

After School Makes a Difference!

To The Next President,

      My name is Jalen, and I have been attending Inspiring Minds Youth Development Center (IYM) in Hampton, VA since I was 4 years old. I am now 12-yrs old and I am a leader at IYM and I help the Owner/Founder,Michelle Simpson,to make her job easier.  I have noticed that some kids cannot attend some after school programs because of the expense- their parents cannot afford the cost so a lot of kids are left out and have to go home to an empty house. Some kid's parents have to go to work struggling and stressed out because they cant help their child with his/her homework because their personal life has issues. So this is what i'm advocating for. PLEASE HELP STRUGGLING PARENTS BY  PROVIDING MONEY FOR AFTER SCHOOL PROGRAMS TO STAY OPEN.  These programs help kids and help parents feel relief knowing their kids are safe and having a good experience.