Brynn Pennsylvania

Too Many After School Programs!

Can too many after school activities effect Teens and kids? In my opinion they do.

October 12th, 2016

Dear Future President,

There are a lot of adult conflicts that are happening in the world that everybody throws all their attention into, but has anyone ever stopped to think about the kid’s worries and lack of satisfaction? One of the worries children and teens have are too many after school programs.

The reason I chose this topic is because I myself, relate to it. Every day I keep forgetting and then reminding myself that I have something to do after school. Sometimes, I have juggle two or three things all in one day. Don’t forget that I already just had seven hours of learning already that same day. I know that you are the President and probably have to juggle way more things and have more way more responsibilities than us students, but we are still in our youth finding out what talents we have.

To support my reasons, I will prove what happens to kids with too much stress about this topic. For one, youth need to figure out that they are not defined by what activities they do. For example, if someone does every type of sport, that doesn’t mean that they are going to be a professional athlete when they grow up. Following that, if you do spread yourself with so much, you will never be extraordinary at one thing you’ll do. In my opinion, I would definitely want to actually have a purpose for what I do and impress people with it.Finally, an overload of things can get students distracted on something else instead of focusing on school. That doesn’t lead you to a college that someone would not be embarrassed to go to. If you don’t get good grades, it affects you in the long run. I thought it was the other way around! I thought more activities you do looked better for college, but that's irrelevant to getting into a good college, depending on what they are.

In conclusion, as the future President, you could limit the amount of after school programs a kid could have.