Kelly B. Virginia

School Hours

I believe that school hours should be shorter because long hours stresses kids out, makes them not want to come to school and makes it harder to focus so early in the morning.

To whom it may concern,

Good afternoon, my name is Kelly Berg and I am a junior at Eastern View High School. I am introducing the topic about school hours effecting the students ability to focus on their school work. Students are effected everyday by being forced to wake up early and come to school. Being in school for such a long period of time is very stressful on students, creates less motivation to try and more motivation to give up.

Early mornings and long hours create such a huge amount of stress on students. There's a lot more competition for colleges and good grades. Students push themselves so hard so they can be good enough and feel good about themselves. Teachers expect students to be on top of all their work and focused at all times. Teachers give students tons of work to complete and then send us home with hours worth of work. That leaves us with no time for anything besides school. 

School should start at 9 and end at 1:30. That way students can get a good night of sleep and still have time for work after school.  Getting a good night of sleep improves students working ability and creates a better attitude towards finishing their work. I hope you take this into serious consideration. Thank you for your time and I ensure you this won't be a mistake. 

Thank You, Kelly Berg.