Jimmy M. Virginia

Military and Defense

Talks about the problems with military funding and our veterans.

Dear Future President,

A big help to the United States is the Military. Some people want to give less funding to the military and forget about our veterans when that isn't right. The military keeps our country free and lets these same people live the lives that they live. Our veterans used to be in harm's way and used to run toward danger while everyone else ran away. Shouldn't they get a little something for that?

Both of my parents served in the armed forces as did my grandfather. My grandfather was in the Marines and told me many stories. He told me about how you form a brotherhood with your fellow marines and how that bond can never be broken. My parents both retired after giving over twenty years to the United States Navy. They both enlisted after graduating high school and met each other once they graduated boot camp. The military taught them how to do their jobs and they were lucky enough to find employment when they retired. It breaks my heart when I hear the stories about how many veterans can't find jobs when they retire or about how many veterans are homeless. These people put their life on the line for your freedom and we can't even give them a job in return. There were 49933 homeless veterans on the street in 2014(Fact Sheet). This needs to change.

The military and defense agencies keep this country safe. Without them, we would not have controlled borders or be able to defend our homeland. A study shows that the average enlistment to all of the services has gone down in the past ten years. This is mainly due to the lack of respect and gratitude the military personnel now receives. People no longer respect the uniform or the flag as they used to. Also, with people knowing how high the unemployment and homelessness rates are once leaving the military, people want to stay away and have a steady job. With a stronger military, more respect would be given and people would want to join the armed forces once again. Without a strong military the country would fail.

In conclusion, I believe the military needs more help from you and the government. The military needs more job opportunities to entice more people to join, as well as space to keep the people who decide that they don't want to leave. With better military opportunities the enlistment rates will begin to climb and our military will be strong again. After the military life needs an upgrade too. The veterans who put their life on the line for us need better post military treatment. With a little help from the VA and yourself, less veterans will be on the street and more veterans with be employed once they leave the different services.

Thanks Again,


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