Nicole Maryland


About deportation and how it affects everyone

Dear future president,

When you think of America what comes in mind? For many they might think the colors of the flag, the statue of liberty, or the big cities. America isn’t like most countries where they have a labeled race. The original Americans were the ones who were here before all of us, the ones that we killed off by coming here and conquering their lands. America is a land where everyone from everywhere comes to have a better life and share our differences. So how come we are deporting some people who need to be here the most? Deportation must stop in order to live in harmony because all deportation leads to separation of families, ruins peoples chance for a better life, and it’s just over all races.

Deportation is the nightmare of all immigrants because it ruins their lives and affects their families. Immigrants live in constant fear of deportation and face that fear everyday from the moment they wake up until they fall asleep. If the government were to deport immigrants they would not only ruin the lives of them but of their families as well. According to the Migration Policy Institute (MPI) immigrants make up “13.3% of the whole US population”. This meaning that if they get rid of all immigrants a hole will be made in the community. Therefore if they deporte a women or men they don’t know if they have children or not that could be affected by it. If both parents are deported the US children would be taken to foster homes and having to separate from each other. If one parent, the mom or the dad, get taken then the other would be in charged to take care of all the kids alone causing stress and depression. Many might not know that the federal government “deports nearly 400,000 immigrants each year” (Immigration Impact). That’s four thousand families being broken and with that comes depression and other mental diseases.

America is known for the freedom and equal opportunities that it gives to everyone which drives people into wanting to come here. In other countries like china or Mexico don’t have a well organized government. Here we have laws that set a limit in what we can do and what extent the government can do for us. In china many work for “long shifts” “where up to 14 people are crammed into a room”(China Labor Watch). and are put to work. As you can tell these aren’t the most healthiest ways of working and that’s why people come here to receive more and give their kids a better life. Jobs aren’t the only thing making the people run to America, many parents are scared that if they stay in their country their kids might get caught in drug trafficking. In mexico a drug war was going on where they hung up nine bodies on a bridge and found 14 human bodies in a cooler. Daily mail states that “drug cartels [were] fighting a bloody and escalating turf war”. This becoming very violent and could be happening to anyone at anytime making parents scared about their child’s safety. They have to be living in fear in their countries where in America we have neighbor watch and police that keep us safe. Why would you not want to help a person in need that has been running their whole life looking for a place to call home. Instead of trying to run them out we should try to help them out because their child are our future.

Overall the whole deportation is a racist issue in the way that we will turn our backs on someone else because of their nationality. Not only in that way but the government picks one race over the other. In 2007 there was about 230,000 South Koreans that were undocumented but only “ 417 koreans were deported” in the same year there was 280,000 Honduran undocumented “yet 29,737 were deported”(Racism review). How can you call yourselves equal when you treat people different from their skin color. According to Deport Racism “parts of or all of California… were all taken from old Mexico”. In a way we are all immigrants because most of everyone besides latinos came from the eastern hemisphere and only the latinos were native to these lands. How can you say you are an American when your background is different. There is no true American only immigrants that migrated in different times in history for better lives.

Obviously over the years the color white has been imprinted in our minds that, it’s how a true American should look like. But we were wrong, for the Incas ruled over these lands far before we did and their color skin was golden brown. That all changed once the europeans started to come over with their diseases and claim that their land. They made history and we can change it by not labeling one another and stop deportation. Because in the end America is the land of freedom and anyone who searches for it.