Rebekah B. Maryland

America's Working Poor

Help the working individuals.

Dear President of the United States,

If someone works full time, I believe that they should not be poor. The jobs that the working poor can get will only earn minimum wage. Those people may not be eligible for any assistance because they “make too much.” People work full time and earn minimum wage and still can not afford food and living necessities. Some people make more than the poverty line and can barely keep themselves stable. That needs to change. We cannot have that going on here in America.

I believe that the limit for assistance needs to be raised. Everyone should be able to have access to living necessities. It hurts to read stories about families who cannot even afford food, because they are so poor. They cannot receive assistance because their spouse “makes too much money.” Nowadays people cannot live off one of minimum wage income by themselves. Just imagine a family of four living off of one minimum wage income. According to USDA, a family of four has to have a gross monthly income less than or equal to two thousand six hundred and thirty three dollars. How could that support a family?

No one in the United States should go hungry or be homeless if they work full time. I believe that people should be able to have the basic necessities if they cannot afford it. We need to fix this broken system. I hear many heartbreaking stories that families have to starve because they are broke and cannot receive food stamps to help them get food on the table. I hope that you, our president, can come up with a better program or stronger regulations to help the working poor of America.


Rebekah B.