jessica b. Kentucky


Do you want to see people get hurt because of a gun

Dear president,

Do you want to see people get hurt because there mom or dad have a gun and let their kids play with a gun because 364,000 people dies from guns do you want to see that number go up and get bigger because that day will be there if we don’t do anything about it .

I want to tell you that the gun thing is very bad because there are people dead because this is getting out of control we should not be letting people have gun around there kids because they may think it a toy and they might shot there self or their friends thanking it was a little toy that can hurt them or their friends so then they will feel bad and or hurt because they hurt there self or their friends you will feel bad to but you might not care because it not you kid but just think what if that was your kids so you need to help stop this.

You and your kid is walking and some kid or someone has a gun but if it was a kid they might think it a little toy but if it was the other person how know what it can do how will shot you or your kid both because the kid might shot you because it might think it play it is playing the other person will because it knows what it does and just wants to kill you so we need to do something about it cause you and your family could get hurt and you or your family will be sad or dead.