Carlin D. Texas

Drug Abuse

The issue of drug abuse in our country is dramatically increasing and we need help to end It.


Dear Future President,

The issue of drug abuse is taking a toll on the United States frequently as the years progress. Drug abuse is a serious social health problem that can and will cause death if overused. Students, Athletes, Adults, ect.. face the addiction of drugs each day and it’s affecting the nation socially and economically in which we must put forth effort to fix this issue.

The abuse of drugs including methamphetamine, steroids, cocaine, heroine, club drugs, marijuana, ect... are causing healthy citizens to lose everything they have which includes their job, money, even their home. The issue is obvious and a large percentage of the people who messed up...need help getting back up. Places like rehab centers and care units provide those who want the help to get it but at the same time, the rest who don’t visit these units need it most. Our job as human beings is to help one another but if we sit here and view the issue then are we really helping at all? Funding facilities can benefit the economy by providing drug abusers back on their feet and giving them a second chance at life.

The abuse of drugs is an important issue that is breaking apart families and towns and it needs to end here. Providing communities and funding towns with the money they need to help the people who need it is possibly the simplest way citizens can do their part. I hope u take into consideration on this issue of how to fix it and helping out country as whole. As a nation, if find it extremely important to emphasize this issue if we want to keep stable healthy communities to thrive each and every day!


Carlin D.
Student, KHS

KHS Miller Pre AP

Eng I

9th Grade English Students

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