Lauren R.

Racial Inequality

Dear Future President, America is a nation full of individuals who feel like the government doesn’t do their jobs. Unfortunately, when these people act out and their skin is a certain color or they are a certain ethnicity, assumptions can be made about others with the same outward appearance. The most common and relatable examples to this subject are African Americans. These people have dark skin and can often be discriminated against by the press and the police force. In 1960, a civil rights movement was in progress in the United States, African Americans did not have the right to vote and they were socially segregated by their fellow Americans. A vital member in this movement was Martin Luther King Jr., a reverend and famous speaker as well as an advocate for equality among everybody, he was most famously known for his ‘I have a Dream’ speech. King wanted African Americans to be treated equally and fairly but does the standard hold up to that to this day? Unrest among the masses is common in any country. According to an article by Independent, a United Kingdom based news platform, half of the African Americans in the United States say that they have been “unfairly treated by the police over their race”. Should this be acceptable in the country known for it’s diversity and liberty among all people of all genders, races, and religion? This should be a concern of any citizen and not just one of the President, but something needs to be done to stop the stereotype by the police and country that any person with dark skin has to be a criminal or a naturally violent person. Stereotypes and judgement based on outward appearances are not going to help anyone feel equal and fairly treated in the country. Sincerely, Lauren

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