caleb f. Georgia


I know in this word racism will end.

Dear Future President,

The world today has many problems, from terrorism to immigration, to homeless people to clowns. But one of the longest problems facing the world is racism. It’s been around for thousands of years. It’s been in almost every country from the U.S.A to Africa. I know in my heart there is a way to end racism.

If you don’t know already racism is discrimination or hate of one race to another race. For example some not all but some Caucasian people hate Black people. This shows hate from one race is guided towards another race.

Ever since the beginning of slavery there has been racism. Slavery is buying a human being and making them work for another human being. One example of slavery is when Caucasian people enslaved black people. Throw out the ages hate has been sent towards blacks.

Ever since I was born my mom told me not everyone in the world would like me. She said people won’t like me because of the color of my skin. I had never believed her. I mean I was Caleb Freeman everyone loves me .then one day I was at a hotel swimming in the pool. When this kid came up to me and said why are you here .I said it because I like swimming he said I’m going to tell the manager on you. I said why I’m just swimming. He said it’s because I was black and that I shouldn’t be here.

I was shocked. This kid who had to be at least 6 years old had said I couldn’t swim because of the color of my skin. I thought about it for a long time and there was no reason to hate me. Then it hit me. It had to have come from someone he knew. Or heard it from one of his family members. He didn’t hate me, not really. He was following what someone else said.

This kid had learned to hate black people from other people. So that means if other people stop being races it wouldn’t spread to our younger generation. And if that happened, over time I know racism would eventually stop in our world.