Lucas B. Michigan


Free healthcare in America is a need and should be a given right to citizens.

America, the land of the free, is charging our citizens tons of cash in order for them to feel secure with their health. The benefits of free or cheaper healthcare include a sense social security, better health, and a better well being for our nation. Our nation is built on five ideals but most of the time we disregard them and put all our resources and hope into the wealthy. The wealthy should not be given the responsibility to run this nation because so far, they are not handling it well.

To begin, 14.5% of Americans live in poverty. This may not seem like very much, but when you do the math, this means that 980,000,000 citizens of the United States are living in poverty and most likely on the streets. 33 million of these people are without healthcare. These people are forced to just get sick and in most cases they will get medical attention but what then? They can not pay for any of it so where does the money go? If the patient qualifies for medicare/medicaid they will be covered but if they do not they are sent off as ‘bad debt’ this causes the hospital to have to pay for it with their medicare/medicaid fund. It is a huge process that ends up costing the hospital more money than they had planned. America should just make the compromise, raise, taxes, and provide health care for those who need it. This may cause problems for the wealthy who will have to pay more, but once they grow ill and have to use this free health care they have no reason to have a problem with it. If the wealthy think they are running this nation, they should run it the right way providing for those who are less fortunate.

To continue, getting health care is not only hard, it is also dangerous for the average American. Many healthcare owners are victim to medical errors. These same simple mistakes can often lead to death of the patient. The cause of these errors may not be directly caused by the health care, but Americans are forced to pay loads of money to get insurance that can take them to a hospital and they will still get killed. I feel it should be a human right to be provided healthcare when they need it. This is true because healthcare is not something that you can take advantage of and when you actually need it, it can be fatal to be without it. Americans should be provided the human right to feel safe within their own health without having to pay.

Canada has been doing this for years, it has proven. We make fun of Canada, but they have provided for all their citizens, not just the ones who can afford it. We should consider the benefits free healthcare would have on our country and those stricken to poverty. This will provide social security, giving people the assurance they will be covered if anything goes wrong. It will promote the overall health of our country because many people do not go to the doctor because they are scared or can not afford it. Free health care will also promote a better state of welfare for our country that is “built on the ideals of Liberty, Opportunity, Rights, Democracy, and Equality”. If we truly care about all of our American citizens, we should prove it by providing them the simple aspect of protected health.