SIDNEY M. Michigan

LGBT Adoption Rights

The LGBT community is still living with restrictions that heterosexual couples have the rights to.

Dear Future President,

The LGBT community is still living with restrictions on their rights, they may have been given certain rights that all “normal” people have, but they are still not able to experience parenthood because some did not see that they were fit to play the part based on their sexual preference. These people don't believe that people in LGBT community are fit to be parents of children because they think the LGBT parents will alter or harm something in the child's life. This left me speechless because I can understand if there are clues of harm or change but these people have preconceptions of the LGBT community, which is unfair to them. If people continue to judge each other and restrict certain people from certain rights, then won't it just add on to the pile of issues we already face? The LGBT community deserves the same rights that come with the adoption of a child to a heterosexual couples.

Supporters of this issue explain that the LGBT adoptions are getting better but still face many issues when trying to adopt a child. These activists believe that the LGBT community already endures so much when it comes to their basic rights, but now they are enduring the pain, suffering, and hate that come along with everything they are fighting for but they are enduring it for love. So shouldn't that be enough for these people to get the right to love and care for a child? It is, but some don't see that. Others believe that the people of the LGBT community will bring harm upon the traditions and values of their past conceptions of the family structure because of the fact that these couples are not present in the past. Non-activists believe that the LGBT couples will bring suffering on the child in the future because of their sexual preference. These non-activists believe that future harassment on the child from peers will be a end result in the adoption between a LGBT community. These people believe the harassment will rise from their parents relationship and sexual preference.

Non-activists like people who follow a certain religion can be lead to think that people of the LGBT community won't be accepted into their religion because of their sexual preference, but I believe that if god, Buddha, or whoever these religious, non-activists follow, I think this higher power will be accepting of these people because when times change so does the world. So, who are we to say that these higher powers can be judging or making set rules against certain people when the world changes. The truth is no one knows what higher powers are thinking some may say they do but how do you know? If these people would rather stick to their views based on religion, what happens to the children? I'm not saying someone should lose sight of something they believe in to understand something they don’t believe in , but what happens to the children. 20,000 children leave the foster care system every year, not because they are adopted, but because they meet the age requirement to live independently. These children could be going to loving and caring homes but instead they are aging out because people don't believe that things should change in society.


Sidney M. 

Royal Oak High School

Royal Oak Ravens

High school juniors and seniors from Royal Oak, Michigan.

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