Allen Michigan

Gun Control

I am writing to you about the issue of gun control laws in the United States.

Dear Future President,

I am writing to you about the issue of gun control laws in the United States. The purpose of this letter is to make you think or to change your mind on gun control, to give you motivation to work hard as possible to make what the United States needs to happen with gun laws, happen. There are too many states that have little or no gun laws at all which can’t continue to happen. All of the shootings lately has really brought gun control to my attention, there needs to be a change soon.

In a study by the New York Times, Deaths from being shot is as common as dying in a car crash, but in Europe where gun control is way stricter being shot and killed with a gun is less common. A country even like Japan where gun control is even stricter than Europe’s being killed by one is about as possible as getting hit by lightning. As good of a country we are you’d think one of the presidents would do something about it but nothing has really actually happened yet if it hasn’t been lessened then its stayed the same and with all the shootings there needs to be a change in that, it’s time for one of you to put the foot down on gun control.

In a different study there are about five hundred thousand deaths by gun shootings from 99’ to 2013, and it hasn’t stopped rising. Around 300 people in America are shot and killed, which is crazy to even think about. Every day, families have to say goodbye to their loved ones who were a victim of sloppy gun control laws. This could be anyone of your family members or friends, or possibly even you. Whichever one of you make it to the white house I want you to know that one of the first bills you should pass would go towards make buying a gun a little harder to do and at least work with congress from there.

It’s easy for people to get confused when talking about gun control because people feel your taking away their right to bear arms which is in The Bill of Rights but I’m not asking you to make it one hundred percent illegal but just to make it hard so the ones who aren’t supposed to have a gun don’t get it. I also believe the bill of rights should be revised a little bit to fit more into this society because it has changed so much since the founding fathers and it is only going to keep changing, you have to think back then guns were hard to afford and they weren’t used like they are now where people just go out and kill their neighbor, no they were used as protection from other countries. I do still believe people should have guns though because people should be able to protect themselves if needed because it would then be an obstruction to our basic human rights as a country. No matter what though murders will still happen with knives and other weapons but a lot of the deaths will stop if you do something, anything to make it harder for people to buy guns. So I hope once one of you start your first term as the President you start off with a gun control bill and not wait till there is another mass shooting.

Thank You