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Did I name this right? I think I did. Oh well if I got it wrong don't hate. My letter is about basically the relationship we have with other nations and how our actions affect how bad or good those relationships are

Dear Mr./Mrs. President,

It’s been a pretty interesting election this year, hasn’t it? There’s been a variety of candidates that, if they were elected, would have been the first president that wasn’t a white male, except Mr. Trump. Heck, I’ve never seen Mrs. and President in the same sentence, much less an actual title. But no matter your origins, I congratulate you for taking responsibility and putting other’s needs before yours. It’s all great and dandy, but no offense to you and your ideals, but you esteemed citizens are indirectly, or directly, tainting our reputation with other nations by being careless and focusing your attention on the specific majority. As you may now, racial tensions have been at an all time high due to your Islamophobic ideas, creating a bit of anger among Middle Eastern nations. The now famous email scandal has created a bit of mistrust between the United States and Russia’s leader, Vladimir Putin.

The current issue now is what do we do with the Syrian refugees that seek asylum in our country? According to an published by reporter, Zahiah Hammad titled, America is land of opportunities, as long as you aren’t a Syrian refugee, Hammad claims states that “the U.S. has accepted a mere 1,285 of Syria’s nine million refugees” (Hammad) which Hammad believes that has happened due to fact that “many in the U.S. argue that ISIS fighters might slip into the U.S. by disguising as refugees” (Hammad). This is fine, but what does that do to our reputation? Some may argue that it gives others the idea that the US is very cautious, safe and have a right to be scared due to the increasing rise of the ISIS threat while others say it may look like we’re being super racist by labeling them all as terrorists. What I propose is to create faster, more efficient security checks in order to speed up the arrival of Syrian refugees and abolish the exaggerated idea that all Middle Easterners are terrorists by making sure that every refugee is thoroughly checked. Yeah I know, this will probably cost a lot of government funds and taxes, but it will give the US a better reputation from Middle Eastern countries.

Another big issue is Russia. Russia is a bit on edge right now due to Hillary’s scandalous acts with private emails and audaciously claiming that the Russian government is responsible for releasing those to the public. Besides that, Hillary also wants to establish a no-fly zone in Syria. This, says reporter Spencer Ackerman in his article, Why Clinton's plans for no-fly zones in Syria could provoke US-Russia conflict, could provoke US-Russia conflict. According to Ackerman, Donald Trump claims that “Clinton’s proposal to establish “safe zones” to protect beleaguered Syrian civilians would “lead to world war three’” (Ackerman). I’m not saying we shouldn’t establish safe zones, I’m just saying that we should check with other nations if it’s cool if we establish whatever thingamabob we want. The good ol’ US of A may be the world’s powerhouse, but it doesn’t mean we have to be the jerky powerhouse. By creating such pacts or agreements, we would be able to be respected as the world’s powerhouse and be known as the “gentle giant’ so to speak. You wouldn’t like it if China established no-fly zones in US territory now would you?

So I hope you’ve actually learned something educational today. And that you didn’t skip past this letter, but hey, if Donald Trump retweets Twitter posts, I’m betting he’s gonna look here. But seriously, we need to establish a bt more stable relationships with other foreign nations to either have allies or, more importantly, no enemies at all. Thanks for reading and if I got anything wrong, I’m being biased, or I sound like a know-it-all daydreaming kid who doesn’t know anything and should keep his nose out of politics, then by all means, say it.


Jordan “JFK” K.


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