Shannon Michigan

Keeping Our Police Safe

Our state and community police officers do so much for us as Americans. We need to keep them safe too.

November 3, 2016

Dear Next President,

My name is Shannon and I live in Fenton Michigan. And I’m here to educate you on the importance of our community and state Police Officers. My mom was an Officer of Ann Arbor for 25 years, but she is retired now. I first became aware of this global problem when I heard of the The Paris Bombing on Friday, November 13. It was sad and nerve racking at the same time. I felt bad for the families of the dead, but I knew that it could happen to America anytime soon. I believe police officers should feel and be safer.

This problem affects children and adults all over the world, and especially children. We grow up watching the shootings on TV and sometimes in real-life, so this is what we learn and use in our daily lives, do you want kids modeling after some of the people in jail today?I also have observed the media only focusing on black cops shooting white unarmed people, but they don’t point out when white people shoot black cops.This also can change people's opinions on racism. But truly no one should be shooting anyone ever, and we can still seal these wounds professionally. One way we as American citizens can stop this major problem is limiting gun rights and changing gun laws.

I am 11 years old and next year if I was accompanied by an adult I could shoot a handgun or a long gun, I believe that if you need an adult to accompany you, you should not be shooting a gun of any kind. But the age you can get a licence should be 21. I also think gun owners should have monthly “check-ins” Gun experts and gun dealers should check on gun owners to see how they are doing. This could create jobs, and limit rebels. I also think gun makers could add a 24/7 GPS device to locate guns after shootings and locate run away inmates with weapons.

The Officers Down Memorial Page has a list of all the fallen officers in America, as well as all fallen dogs in America. Usa Today stated that “there has been a spike in police gunfire deaths as well as police beatings.” You may have heard of the GoFundMe foundation, they have over 10 funds. The NFL denied a request for fallen officer decal, We need to aware more people of this problem. I am hoping you can fix this soon. Thank you for your time.