Julia Michigan

Individualized Education

A large part of our future is how we are brought up and how we are educated. How are we expected to help this nation/ be successful if not everyone is getting the education that they deserve?

Dear Future President,

Education will open doors, all of my teachers have given me the impression that this is true. Now, education can truly help build a better future, but with the current public school restrictions and plans, students struggle to set a foundation for their future. Some believe it to be due to the fact that everyone learns different subjects and life lessons at different paces. Being a sophomore in highschool, I see this first hand. There are things I can and cannot change when it comes to my education. I cannot change the way my teachers see me, what they expect of me, how they think I will do, I can’t change what a teachers teaches and when, I can’t change the amount of homework I have on any given night, there are many things that I cannot change, but that doesn’t change how I see school. I have learned to adapt myself to the surrounding environment when it comes to school, other peers of mine have not. It is apparent to all public school students that education is so strictly generalized for the average student it is hard to comprehend it. Teachers either teach a topic for a week or will only work on it for a day, and expect their students to fully understand the information. I believe a proper resolution for this problem would be to create a more individualized education at public schools.

An individualized education system can improve our world, but like everything else it can have its negatives. Creating a system where the teacher to student ratio will allow teachers to help students with specific problem areas rather than just generally trying to assist all to reach their educational goals. I see how this can be seen as something improbable and harmful to the economy, but in the long run it will be very helpful. Of course for there to be less students than teachers there needs to be more teachers employed, so that they can focus more on their students rather than the general curriculum and what the teachers predict the students will struggle with. What the students decides to focus their time and effort on are also strong impactful factors. However, the long term effects of a new education system like the one I just described above would allow for students to reach a higher level of education such as college. This would then allow them to proceed into the world and have full confidence that they have been educated to the full extent.

Proper education can help people in the modern world today and it could very positively impact our countries community today. Education opens doors. The purpose of this letter isn't to tell you that it doesn't do just that, rather it's to tell you that with a new system where everyone gets the help they need, could open many more doors, for many more students.


Julia Hedden

Clarkston Community Schools

Eisele ELA 10 Honors 1st Hour

1st hour

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