Alana M. Michigan

Animal Abuse

Animal abuse MUST stop NOW!!!!

Dear future President,

Why, why just stand there and watch this happen? Why? Way to many animals are being abused violently!!!!! And it NEEDS to stop as soon as possible!!!!!

First, when I say animal abuse what do you think? I think to neglect or like leave out and to just have poorness to take care of… Way to many animals are suffering in animal abuse in fact approximately 10 million animals per year are being put through the pain of animal abuse. It says so at “Animal Cruelty Facts and Stats”. “There are approximately 70 million pet dogs and 74.1 million pet cats in the US, 20.9% of those cats are affected by abuse, 70.1% of those dogs are affected by abuse.And, 24.1% other animals are affected according to “Animal Cruelty and Facts and Stats”. Out of that 10 million animals are being killed violently per year “16,000 dogs are killed each year and organised into dog fights and that number continues to grow” stated by ASPCA and

With that said, are you going to do anything to stop animal abuse? If you see a dog,cat,horse,etc being abused stand up and save lives!!! Stop it!!! Call a legal authority!!! If you live in New York dial 311 and save these poor animals.If you live in New Jersey dial 800-582-5979 and yet again save these animals!!! It’s all I can ever ask for,for these animals!!! PLEASE HELP !!!! PLEASE!!!!! HELP!!!!!


Alana Gaskill from Farwell Middle School