Ale S. New Mexico

Woman Rights

Women's Right to be treated equally.

Dear Future President,

I have the honor to speak to you through this letter. I'm a 10th grader in Albuquerque, New Mexico. This is an awesome school; I love all my teachers, and I'm sure they also love me. I work at a retirement home named La Vida Llena. I love all my co-workers, and I love the place I work. It's calm, and the residents also love me. I like to write random stories and I actually wrote a book about a guy who could travel over time, and he kept doing it until everything went wrong, and I'm working on a book now about how women don't get the equal treatment they should be getting. I'm really interested on telling you about women's rights.

I feel like women don’t get equal treatment, and this has been a problem throughout decades; women had always being treated horribly because of being weak and unable to do “anything”.  But, through time, women have stepped out and done many memorable things, but because in past times people used to think men were the best thing in the world women used to be pretty much nothing.  So I think that women should get more respect and be treated like a rose because they're beautiful but at the same time they're strong and can defend themselves, so I feel like they should get as much respect as men do.

I'm very thankful that you've heard me speaking to you through this letter. I hope you take on my issue and you could possibly make a good choice out of this. I wish you the most of luck for your presidency years and have fun doing what you like.

Sincerely, Ale