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Women's Rights and Equality

There is a huge issue in today's America with women's rights and equality. Currently, women are not fully equal to men and this needs to change when the next president is elected.

Dear Future President,

Women’s rights and gender equality is a seriously important topic in today’s America. Women have come a long way since the 1900’s. In 1920, women got the right to vote, which was a huge step, but there are still some things that make women unequal from men in America. Women have suffered under these restraints for a long time and this needs stops the moment the next president comes into office.

According to the American Association of University Women, women, in the year 2016, are still being paid 80 cents to the dollar that men are making while doing the same job. Something needs to be done about these statistics. Although, yes, women have come a long way in the past many years, but they have not come far enough. Far enough means that there isn’t just that there isn’t any distinction between the rights of women and the rights of men, but that the the amount of respect for both genders is leveled. The future president needs to balance the rights the both genders get with living in America. Women are the target of many issues that the future president will need to help along. There is no way, other than physical features that women are different than men, and those physical features don’t make a difference in terms of ability to make a change, and ability to make a positive impact on this country, which is all that matters.

Abortion is also a really big issue within the topic of women’s rights. I hope that the future president does something about the rights that women are given with this topic. A woman’s body is her own, and officials and politicians have no right to interfere with the choices she makes and what she would like to do with it. This topic has stirred up a lot within this presidential debate and the people of the United States has very different opinions on it. Some citizens believe that abortion is not an option and that all life should be sustained. These people tend to be swayed by religion. According to the British Broadcasting Corporation, Others believe that the statement is true, other than a few exceptions which include things like rape, incest, or the life of the mother. The other portion of citizens believe that it should be a choice, and that all options are open. I happen to be in this “other portion of citizens.” According to Guttmacher Institute, currently, in the United States, the act of abortion is legal. However, there is one thing that causes this topic to be a controversy. There are such laws known as the "trigger laws" that allow an individual state to manage the amount abortion is utilized. A woman shouldn’t be controlled by higher powers, and higher forces, no matter what they feel is ethical.These so called “higher powers” don’t know the background story to each individual woman and what they’ve been through. There isn’t a category that their situations can be put into, and that’s why a mass decision can’t be made for them. Parenthood is important, and whether a mother feels ready or not for that position is up to her.

This change doesn’t stop at money, and at rights that we are finally given. The right that women have not been given, but need to be given by each individual in the United States is respect. All individuals have the right to respect in this country. Women are still thought of as below, beneath, and inferior to by some citizens in America today. These words need to be changed. Women need to be known as valued, accepted, and equivalent to all others in America.

I feel that a misconception people have about activists for women is that they want women to be above the other gender. That statement is not true. Women don’t want to overpower and make men become the subordinate gender, we want balanced rights, balanced respect, and balanced lifestyles. The next president needs to be the one who reaches out a hand and gives women that boost. That boost that ensures equality and respect for the rest of their lives.



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