Evie S. Pennsylvania

Abortion is a Woman's Choice

America is a country where we are allowed to make our own desicions. So why are women getting opinions about what's right or wrong?


Dear President,

We all have opinions on big topics. Some of these topics have two completely different viewpoints and resolutions. One of these topics is abortion. For around 40 years, people have been controversial about killing unborn babies in the womb. Today, this subject has mainly separated into two categories. We know them as ProLife and ProChoice.

Today, I want you to think about America, what it stands for, and what it promises. I also want you to think about people, and how they have their own opinions and how they make their own decisions. Before today, I thought I was solely against ProChoice (which is the protest for a choice of whether to abort a baby or not). Turns out, that even though I would never ever abort any child of mine, this doesn’t mean there should be a law forbidding abortion 100%. This is truly up to the woman and her decision to keep it or not. Women deserve a choice.

Roe v. Wade was passed by the Supreme Court in 1973. This legalized abortion in the whole country, and helped make abortion healthier and safer. Before 1973, states had the individual power to legalize abortion or not. During this time, women all over the country were getting abortion either in secret or in a non-safe way. This just shows that forbidding abortion again won't stop women from getting abortions. Before Roe v. Wade, between 200,000 and 1.2 million women died because of unsafe abortion processes. That number has decreased, and only 400 woman have died since 1973.

A lot of government leaders running in the election want to overturn Roe v Wade. I think this is a bad idea because this eliminates a woman's’ choices. There might be a lot more problems if we eliminate it. For instance, there would be protests, and women would still get abortions, though it would be more unsafe, therefore leading to new deaths.

I know when it comes down to abortion, people are either this or that. I have my own personal opinion, which is to never abort a baby, and save unborn babies lives. But just because I think this, does not mean other women should have to think this way. If you think some law or overturn will stop women from getting abortions, think again.


Evie. S