Kayla R Illinois

Foreign Policy for Women

The next president should influence foreign policies to help women in other countries.

Dear Future President,

I think the next president should use their position to influence foreign policies for women in other countries so that they have more rights and are treated better. Women everywhere should also get a chance to go to school and have a job. I know that this takes time and is difficult to do, but I think that over time this could make a huge difference in women's lives and the lives of their next generation.

Making other women’s lives better in other countries through foreign policies will help them and empower more young women to become leaders and stand up for their rights. I believe that if we do this, there won’t be as much discrimination or sexism. Young girls in other countries should be able to be whoever they want and go to college just like girls here. Even influencing small laws could make a huge difference. It will prove that women have even more rights than before. We will help the lives of many young girls abroad and give their kids a choice at a better life as well. It doesn’t matter if they are in our country or not they need someone to help them, and if it's not us, then who else will step up? Women in other countries should not have to go through life being belittled. Women should not be told they cannot follow their dreams and be who they want.

There are countries where women can get jobs and work, but they are still getting paid less. Influencing foreign policies could help even the playing field for women in the business world. In India women are paid on average about nineteen percent less than men, according to WageIndicator.org. My hope is that one day women won’t look up at men and think of them as the greater force. Maybe girls don’t want to go to college and get a job, but they should still have the choice. Maybe girls want to have kids and get married, but they shouldn’t be forced. Maybe girls don’t want to make their dreams come true, but they should have the chance to try.

I believe that as president you should look to bridge the gap between the rights of men and women in other countries. It isn’t fair and it isn’t any way to live. If people stunted my personal growth, and shot down my dreams, and stripped me of my hope and humanity, I know for a fact I would not be at a good school, playing club soccer, and wanting to major in science. It is terribly sad to know that not everyone has what I have. That some girls will never have the chance to play soccer and go to a good school and major in science. That somewhere on the other side of the world another twelve-year-old girl is living her life in fear. As Ziauddin Yousafzai said, “In most parts of the world, when a girl is born, her wings are clipped. She is not able to fly.” Help girls learn to flutter, teach them to jump, and watch them soar because when they reach their full potential, how far they can fly might surprise you.


Kayla R. 

Elgin Academy

Elgin Academy Mrs. Veltri's 7th Grade Language Arts Class

Elgin Academy is a preschool through grade 12 learning community where taking learning personally defines who we are. At Elgin Academy we actively engage our students in academics, arts, and athletics where teachers and students build trusting relationships. These interactions allow our students the opportunity to become risk takers, try out new experiences, and grow into self-confident learners.

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