Shawn P. New Mexico

Common Core has to go

Someone fix the schooling system.

Dear Next President, 

My name is Shawn P; I am 15 years old and currently a sophomore in high school in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Being a student since 2005 I have seen variety of changes in the school system. I've never been more critical and formed an opinion about the common core standards until this year. Common Core, in a lot of peoples eye's, is a waste of time and takes away other opportunities for great education. Everything we learn now is to get us prepared for standardized test.

According to"TPF Student action" the main reason common core is a thing is because we feel the "American school children" are not ready for the 21st century economy. Another very interesting thing about common core is according to "Freedom Works" common core has taxpayers paying more money , the California Department of Education will spend $759 million on standardized testing. In my opinion thats unacceptable you can be spending that money on other more important things. We all know why common core exist, its so students prepare for standardized test and the better they do the more funding that school gets. The solution we can make for common core is to start focusing more how what where learning in our classes benefit us in the real world. Limit the standardized test , and the most important thing is bring education back to the legit thing when it didn't revolve around money and was focused on the kids. 

Thank you for your service to this country; I can't wait to see what great things you do in your presidency.

Sincerely, Shawn P