Derek K. Montana

Imports In The United States

This talks about how we should import less and be a little more self reliant.

Dear President,

The U.S is a great place, so why don't we make our own stuff. We import lots of good such as gas, clothes, and other stuff. I think that the U.S needs to start making its own goods. We are the worlds first largest importer. We spent $2.273 trillion on imports, that beats china by $300 billion. Most of the stuff that we import we could make ourselves, we have the resources to do it.

 We import lots of cars. We have the technology and the resources to make the cars ourselves. The U.S imports 21 different kinds of cars, and only produces 11 kinds of cars. We need to start making cars that can match the ones that we import so that we can import less cars and make more of our own.

  We also import lots of stuff from China and spend lots of money doing it. We spend $29 billion a month on importing goods from China. Some people may say that is only a sliver of the money that the U.S makes, but we are still spending money on something we don't need to be spending it on. Instead of doing this we could turn that into jobs in the United States so we could help with the unemployment. This would also allow us to put that money towards other things in the U.S like paying our soldiers or starting up other businesses. We also import lots of oil from Saudi Arabia. We import 9.4 million barrels of oil a day. That is a ton of oil. We could do this ourselves, The oil fields in North Dakota could produce oil so even if we didn't completely stop importing we could import less so it would be a little cheaper.

That is why I think we should stop importing. The U.S needs to become a little more self reliant and make our own goods. We need to stop spending money on things we can do ourselves. Since when did we get so lazy, we are America we work hard. We want the U.S to be the best right?

Sincerely Derek