Kacey S. Colorado

Is Cyberbullying a Real Problem?

Cyberbullying is looked over, over rated, and seen as not harmful to some. But Cyberbullying is the cause of approximately 30% of all suicides in young adults.

Dear Madame/Mr. President:

I have always thought that technological advances were a great thing, but recently, I found that I was wrong. I have noticed that the Internet, specifically social media, has been used as a platform to harass people. More people are bullying and getting bullied online because it is easier to talk down to people behind a screen than it is to talk down to someone face to face. Of young people, 81% state that bullying online is easier to get away with than bullying in person. Behind a screen, the harasser doesn’t see the other person’s face so it seems like there isn’t another face. This is why I urge you to look deeper into Cyberbullying and inform Americans its effects.

In our nation, we rely on technology, but young people are using it to emotionally damage one another. Nearly 43% of young people have said that they have been bullied online. 1 in 4 of those people, had it happen more than once. Recently, young people have used social media, that was created to help people communicate, to bully one another. Most people who have had been bullied or have seen it, have been too afraid to tell an adult. Many young people, mostly girls, are being harassed by vulgar messages and pictures and are hurting after it.

I relied on technology and it got me in a tough spot mentally. I was bullied on many platforms and I realized that it was easier to talk down to someone else online rather than in person. I couldn’t escape from it, no matter where I went. I had several bullies online, but I didn’t know who they were. It is easier for bullies to take their opinions online because a school cannot do anything about it. Since the bullying does not take place on school grounds, the school board has determined that it is out of their hands. Young people have taken advantage of this. The police cannot do anything because it is not harassment until the person threatens you.

Society doesn’t help, especially with the impossible standards that they are setting for girls, “The Barbie Doll”.Physically and emotionally girls cannot meet these standards so they bring other girls and guys down to help their own self-esteem. It is a never ending cycle. That is why I urge you to bring this topic to public attention and try to create laws that prevent it because a lot of young people think that it is okay and others are suffering from it. It’s a cycle that has to end. Thank you for your time.


Kacey S.

Wheat Ridge HS

Composition for the College Bound English

Twelfth graders in Colorado

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