French M. Colorado

Syrian Refugees in America

U.S. citizens are worried about Syrian refugees.

Dear Madame/Mr. President:

The president of the United States undergoes many challenges through their entire term under presidency, but the most important aspect he/she needs to recognize is the safety of citizens throughout the United States. An issue that has been looming for a couple years, is the problems that the Syrian government has been dealing with from their citizens. The Syrian government and the Syrian regime have been in a bitter warlock for a couple years and now the citizens have been in between all of it, and are utterly scared. There has been roughly 11 million refugees that have fled from their country to another country. This has been an issue to surrounding countries. The refugees flee their homes in order to survive, and when they travel to another country, that country experiences overcrowding, supply shortage, but also unrest. An action needed to be enforced by a higher power, and that power is the United States. The U.S. started to allow Syrian refugees to transfer to their country. This sparked questions among many citizens of the U.S. Many people felt as if they weren’t safe in their own country anymore and those people had nothing to worry about. The actions the U.S. took in order to save thousands of lives was very patriotic and showed our true colors of a helping nation.

Many countries around the world look up to the U.S. because we are a nation that will protect anyone that is in danger. We have lived behind this virtue ever since this country was founded in 1776. Many people believed that the U.S. was making poor decisions because of the possibility of a rise in terrorist attacks by the refugees. This wouldn’t be possible, because the U.S. administered extensive background checks on the refugees. These background checks proved that these refugees weren’t dangerous, but people who needed help. Many people didn’t agree that refugees should be allowed into the U.S. especially because of the many terrorist attacks that the U.S. has faced over the past years. Although their argument is reasonable, people forgot that everyone has came from a family of immigrants, that everyone is living on this Earth for a reason, and these people should be allowed basic rights.

I realize that citizens of the U.S. should speak freely about this issue, but it is unnecessary, especially when they pose multiple tests on these refugees. Also, people need to realize that we shouldn’t judge a group of people just because of what we have heard or seen. It shows a sense of weakness if people judge others just from what they heard, seen, or just assume. Not all people are dangerous, just some people make bad decisions, which makes that group of people look bad. Before jumping to outrageous conclusions about a certain group of people, others just need to take the time to research facts and become knowledgeable in order to make a proper argument about the certain issue. To add, if people don’t want Syrian refugees to be allowed in their country, those people should do something to help out Syria and then when things get cleaned up, the refugees would be more than happy to return to their home country. These refugees don’t want to be traveling away from their home country, they are just forced to because of the certain situations going on in Syria. The main issue that a president faces daily in office is, “Are the citizens of the U.S. safe?’ They question this everyday and because of the precautions used by the U.S., it provides a certain “yes”.



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