Alyssa C. Georgia

Cyber bullying in America

Dear future president,

We need to stop the social media madness! Social media such as Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat makes us crazy. They manipulate us into obsession and compulsion. Children under 14 years of age are taking over social media and behaving either really bad or destructively. We need more restrictions because the amount of illegal activity is amazing. People use fake identities. This is a very big issue because some sights may include people or pages not meant for immature or underage eyes. Teenagers make up most of the bullies on social media.

15 percent of surveyed students admit to cyberbullying others. 87 percent admit to witnessing cyberbullying. 52 percent of 16 year olds admit to using social media under age. This is an important issue because it involves fake identification and false information. False information and fake identification can lead to identity theft or thoughts of identity theft. We all know you're wondering why this is an important issue so I'll tell you. This bullying is a direct reflection of you. Unfortunately not taking control of social media companies and setting specific rules regulations can make people believe that you don't care.

I know you think social media companies can handle this on their own but it's your job in the end to make sure everyone is treated with equal rights and respect. I also know you are reading tons of these letters but as a person who absolutely understands how it feels to be let down or deceived it's heartbreaking to feel like you can't trust anyone. But, no one else has the power to take initiative like you do. While commercials and advertisements may stop minor bullying but the issue is social media.

I hope you take my ideas and argument into consideration and appreciate the time it takes to write this letter. Most importantly please take me seriously when others won't and help stop the madness of entitled children and selfish teenagers! Help stop the suicides and self harm! Last but not least help me and everyone else who agrees have a voice and make a difference!

-Alyssa cain