Logan B. Colorado

College Tuition Costs

College tuition costs are much too high, but will lowering them really help?

Dear Sir or Madam,

    College can be extremely expensive for the majority of families, and many decide not to go to college because they fear student loan debt. Sure there is community college, but if you were faced with two people to hire from, one that has a degree from a real college, and one that has a degree from a community college, your more likely to pick the one with a degree from a real college. A student could be really smart, and have a bright future, but he might not be able to pay for college, leaving him in a bad position. Even with scholarships, many still can't afford college, and scholarships aren't given out as commodities. If we made college free for everyone, it would create a lot more jobs and would let lower class families succeed in education, but it would also negatively effect us aswell.

   Making college free would mean a huge tax raise, one that could really harm lower class families. The sudden tax increase would put a huge dent in their living savings, and could cause an economic crisis. The new minimum wage increase, if passed, would help, but the tax raise would be much too great for families to handle all at once.

     It would also disrupt the balance of colleges, as so many more students would be going to college. The current college campuses might not be able to control the influx of new students, and private schools, such as Harvard University wouldn't not be as private anymore, as the high cost limited the number of students and unless you had a scholarship, you probably wouldn't get in. Harvard and other private schools, decreasing the achievement of getting into one. 

   Although college may cost too much, making it free would have too much of an impact on the economy, and could effect the job market heavily too. If we were to lower college tuition costs, we should do it very slowly. Instead of making it completely free, we should decrease the cost over the next 10-15 years.

Thank you for your time,

-Logan B.