Safa A. Georgia

Cyber Bullying and Suicide

Cyberbullying is a big issue, and teen lives are being taken everyday.

Dear Future President,

Death is something caused by guns, cars, drugs, and violence. Sometimes, it is a result of murder. But, it can also be an effect of an online threat. Cyberbullying is a big issue, and teen lives are being taken everyday.   This topic is important to me because my friend was cyber bullied, and even wanted to end her life. Many teens get approached by online predators, and they are more likely to suffer from low self esteem and consider suicide. In 2006, Megan Meier (Aged 13) committed suicide after receiving mean messages from a 16 year old boy on Myspace. This is just an example of many teens who go through this and commit suicide as a result.

To begin, online harassment is particularly pernicious because it’s cheap, fast, and permanent. Local studies show that about 52% of young adults report being cyberbullied. That’s more than a majority. Furthermore, most of them are females who commit suicide. This shows that a lot of of female teens take their lives as a result of online bullying or harmful messages. This is important because many girls have lower self esteem and suicidal thoughts, and also feel alone. This issue has been growing since 2005, and teen lives are being lost as it continues to dominate the internet.

Second, officers don’t take online threats seriously because they lack training to understand the devastating impact of this speech. Many of these harassers are never caught because of this and keep hurting other people. This is significant because police should be able to take actions on these things. A recent study shows that police take few actions on preventing cyber bullying. This explains why suicide rates have been going up. I know that someone might say that police don’t always have time because they’re dealing with more serious issues like gun violence, robberies, and murder, but cyber bullying is a growing issue that should be addressed. The hidden people on the internet can do crimes, and even cause the deaths of innocent people.

In conclusion, Cyber bullying has been growing since 2005 and police have taken few actions to prevent it from happening. It’s terrible to think that some young teens have to face online predators, and some are never caught. A lot of teens have social media today, which is making them a target of online predators and pedophiles. If this doesn’t get in control, cyber bullying deaths will keep growing and get out of hand. Thankfully, it can be stopped. A suggestion I have is to give officers the training to recognize these people and catch them. This can be the end of cyber bullying and its devastating effects.