Alicia Missouri


Bullying is a problem that is causing people to feel bad about themselves.

Dear Mr/Mrs president,

Have your kids ever been bullied, or have you ever been bullied yourself? Bullying is a problem around the world that is getting out of hand and need to be recognized. The article β€œ The bullying problem,” explains that bullying can consist of violence, insults, and intimidation. It causes kids to do more psychological harm to victims more than anyone anticipated. This is evidenced by Amy Wilson. These facts show that bullying can do more harm than people think.

Recognizing the problem can help with the issue, just showing the victims that someone cares, can do so much. It shows the victims that there is supports and people that do care, but not recognizing it can make the victim feel alone and that can cause things like depression or suicide. Show kids that it is okay to speak up and that they don't have to be scared and that they are not alone in this big world full of people. Just doing these simple things can help so much with this issue and can decrease things like anxiety, depression or even teen suicide over the matter.

Sincerely ,

Alicia H.