Lauren D. New Mexico

No Gun Control

" A well regulated militia being necessary for the security of a free state; the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed" - The Second Amendment 

Dear Future President, 

I believe that in the United States Of America, we all have a right to own firearms. I believe that it is a American right and privilege to be able to own a firearm. We all have the right to defend ourselves. It even states in the Second Amendment that we have the right to "bear arms". I do understand that because of mass shootings, such as the one in the club in Florida, why people would want gun control. I have grown up in a family who supports the Second Amendment, and my family will always support it. I do not think America should have gun control. I believe that if we as a country decide to take away guns, this is not America anymore. That would be taking away our freedom. 

 Getting rid of guns will not stop violence or stop people from killing each other. If someone wants to terrorize, they will find a way. Lots of terrorist use bombs to terrorize communities and not firearms. According to USA today, Americans own an estimated 265 million guns across the country. I also do not think people who have been criminally charged with a felony, serious crime, or has a history of violence, should not be allowed to buy a firearm. I think a solution to stop gun control is to provide more extensive background checks on people who wish to purchase a firearm, and make sure people who pose a threat are not able to purchase a firearm. 

I ask you future president, to please listen to this letter, and hear our American voice, and continue to let American citizens keep their right to own guns and continue to lets us have our freedom. I thank you for your service as the President of the United States, and I very much hope that you have a good four years. 

 Sincerely, Lauren Dunn